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Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
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The following project was an ad campaign for Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, written by Equinox Ad Group, one of three groups in a Creative Advertising class at Worcester State College. We invented the new "flavor" and I created and designed all corresponding images and artwork for the product in Photoshop.
The new flavor is "Cosmic Crash." This is the basic image to identify the flavor.
Ben & Jerry's product identification image
This is the product label, lid cover, and finished product pint.
Ben & Jerry's product label
Ben & Jerry's product lid Ben & Jerry's final product (pint)
Here is the under-the-lid coupon.
Ben & Jerry's under-the-lid coupon
This is the final print ad.
Ben & Jerry's final print ad
Our ad campaign included a college music tour. Here is a magazine print ad announcing the entire tour, a billboard design advertising one of the tour events (New Orleans), and a newspaper ad advertising the last event at UCLA. All images were created in Photoshop.
Ben & Jerry's magazine print ad announcing tour
Ben & Jerry's billboard ad
Ben & Jerry's newspaper ad

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